KAMERAFORUM   A Forum of the BVK and HFF Munich (Germany)

KAMERABOARD    Discussionforum (Germany)

DER KAMERAMANN   German Magazin for people in the trade (Germany)

CREW UNITED  German network for people in the trade (Germany)

CREATIVE HANDBOOK   US Searchengine for people in the trade (USA)

DREHARBEITEN.DE   German network for people in the trade (Germany) 

DEXTER   Technical Info on many aspects of Filmproduction (USA)

MUENCHNER FILMHAUS   The Filmhouse Munich / Training and Education (Germany)

HANSE FOCUS   Hamburgs Network of people in the trade (Germany)

STEADICAM INFO   Knowledge Base - All about Steadicam (Germany)

STEADICAMLINE   European Database for Operators, Assistants, and more (Germany)

STEADICENTER   Organisation of Steadicam operators (USA)

FILMWORKS   German network for people in the trade (Germany) 

FILMBOOST   German Searchengine for people in the trade (Germany)

FILMFENSTER   German Internet Portal for people in the trade (Germany)

FILM TV VIDEO   Latest news in the trade - online (Germany)

MEDIENHANDBUCH   German Searchengine for people in the trade (Germany)

SPIELFILM   Online News concerning features (Germany)

FILMJOURNAL   Online News concerning features (USA)

PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION   German magazine with latest news (Germany)

MEDIENBULLETIN   German magazine with latest news (Germany)

IWF   Institute for Scientific Films (Germany)

AIM - MIA   German association for Training in Media jobs - Media-Information-database (Germany)

PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING   Magazine for Lightdesign and Technics (USA)

PRODUCTION-ONLINE-NET   Internet Applikation for Crewmembers and Productioncompanies (Germany)

TV-CAMERAMEN   Information for everybody working behind a TV CAM (USA)

CINEMATOGRAPHY  International network for people in the trade, some links (mainly US)


FILMPORTAL   German Movie Database (Deutschland)

CINEMEDIA DIRECTORY  American Film Institute / Database for people in the trade (USA)

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER   Latest news from Hollywood (USA)

MANDY  International network for people in the trade, a lot of links (mainly US)

MPTV FUND   Motion Picture & Television Fund (USA)

SLASHCAM   All about digital video online (Germany)

DIE AUGENFALLE   A prof. comparison between Film and HD 24p (Germany)

1080P   News and Information on Digital Cinematography (Germany)

ONLINE FILM DICTIONARY   Movie-specific terms in foreign languages (Germany)

BLUE SCREEN PAGE   Information on Blue Screen Shooting (USA)

CAMERA OBSCURA   Online Shop for technical literature, hints, information (Germany)

MEDIABOOK      Online Shop for technical literature (Germany)

CINEMATOGRAPHY ULI SCHMIDTs HOMEPAGE   Technical Information, Link Navigator ... (Germany)

FILMTECHNIK ONLINE   Technical Information and Database,... (Germany) 

FILMNAVIGATE   Collection of Links to film companies in Greece (Greece)



CINEC   Production Equipment exhibition (Germany)

CINEGEAR EXPO   Production Equipment exhibition (USA)

IBC   TV / Film  Equipment exhibition (USA)

NAB   TV / Film / Multimedia  convention/exhibition (USA)



ON SET SOFTWARE    "On Set Office" Software (USA)

CRESCIT   "Filmshop" Software (USA)

CELTX   Open Source Cross-platform Media Software for Film, Theater, ... (USA)

FILMSOFTWARE   Script Software (Germany)

FRAMEFORGE   Storyboard Software (USA)

PCAM   Software - Depth-of-Field and Hyperfocal-Distance calculator  (USA)

POWERPRODUCTION   Storyboard Software (USA)

SCREENPLAY   Script Software (USA)  

SRIPTWERX   Script Software (USA)  

SUNPATH   Suntracking Software (USA)

SUNPREDICTOR   Suntracking Software (USA)

PARADISO   PAL-NTSC Converter (Germany)