SET FOTO   Gallery 3

The summer of 2003 was an extraordinary fine season in Germany. This allowed us to dispense all the necessary shooting days to a period from June - August. In this time frame we shot a two-part documentary about the river ISAR - my "home river". These pictures remind me of a hard job but always satisfying work. As usual my Thanks go to my collaborators, who made this film a success. Filmwork is always Teamwork and we were really rowing in one boat.   Thank you very much.

Script/ Director:
Lorenz Knauer You can watch the pictures as a Slide-Show
DoP: Mike Steffl
1. AC, 2nd Cam:   Jan Hochhaus Start automatic Slide Show  (4 sec /pic.)
Sound: Dirk Pietsch
    Mike Haberl Start automatic Slide Show  (6 sec /pic.)
Grip: Florian Bschorr
Gaffer: Roland v. Poten, Helmut Walter  Start manual Slideshow
      Film Licht  Wagner & Vogt
Steadicam: Hans Albrecht Lusznat
    Ralf Dangschat No.of Pictures: 50     Thanks to all who provided
1. AD: Fridolin Baur, Florian Popp the photos!
Helicopterpilot: Heiko Zimmer
Producer: BR  Johannes Pechtold Please read also an article about the production
Length: 2 x 45 min. / 2 x 52 min. in "Professional Production" 03/2004
Format: 16:9 Digibeta, S-16mm Kodak download as PDF File (only in german)